This model can accommodate 1 violin.
Its design was developed to be more practical, light and to safely transport the instrument.
For that to be possible, the case has supports at the bottom so that the violin back curve do not touch the case floor and also foams on the top, leaving the violin bridge and strings free. It also includes a moist and temperature meter. The meter collects the data inside the case and shows it on a display outside the case, so that you don't need to open your case to see the moist and temperature values.
It has a detachable zipper system to attach the 2 bows case. To make it more practical, the case accompany 2 cases with capacity for 2 bows each one, it can be carried without the bow attached.
The bow cases can be purchased separately.

The case includes:
  • 2 backpack straps
  • 1 identification tag