Case for 2 clarinets A and Bb
For example, If you buy a Bb and A double clarinet case, it won’t fit 2 A clarinets because the internal parts are different.
If you want to fit your clarinet with the bell attached (good for some german system models) we have the following option available Case for 2 Clarinets with Attached Bell model MB (A/Bb)
The MB cases for wood are made so that there is no pressure on the instrument keys.
The instrument Rossi clarinet don’t fit in this case.
If you have a Rossi clarinet, we have the Case for Clarinet Rossi model MB

The case includes:
  • 2 backpack straps
  • 1 shoulder strap
  • 2 reed mouthpiece pouch for clarinet
  • 1 rain cover
  • 1 identification tag