This model fits a bass clarinet (Eb) and 1 clarinet (Bb, A or Eb).
The bell, the barrels and the mouthpiece of the clarinet can be stowed below the instrument's body, separated by a hard foam partition.
If you do not intend to transport the clarinet, the EVA paddings can be removed, and the space can be used for accessories.
Accessories can be stored in the front pockets, and thin ones fit in the back pocket, like sheet music or a tablet.
The case includes:
  • 2 backpack straps
  • 1 foam pouch with zipper to neck
  • 1 reed mouthpiece pouch for clarinet (large)
  • 1 reed mouthpiece pouch for clarinet (small)
  • 2 barrels pouch
  • 1 rain cover
  • 1 identification tag