This model fits until 4 instruments, which are:
  • 1 Baritone saxophone until low Bb
  • 1 Soprano saxophone with detachable neck or fixed neck
  • 1 Flute
  • 1 Bb Clarinet

The case weighs approximately 5,6 Kg and with the four instruments already accommodated, weighs approximately 15 kg. Because it is a more robust case, it has wheels to assist on its transportation.
All instruments have their own position without any keys touching. The case has attachment supports and velcro belts to make that happen.
If you want to fit your barítone saxophone until Low A we have the following option available: Case for Barítone Saxophone (Low A) with Wheels Model MB
The case has a system that is adaptable for different types of instruments. The EVA parts and cushions have velcro, so they can be adapted in order to fit most of instruments sizes properly.

The case includes:
  • 2 backpack straps
  • 1 clarinet bell pouch
  • 2 pouches for barrels
  • 3 pouches for mouthpieces (baritone, soprano and clarinet)
  • 2 pouches for necks
  • 1 bag for accessories
  • 1 identification tag