This model of baby case fits a Tenor Trombone of bell size of 8.5 inches. You can order a special size to fit a bell size of 9 inches.
The case made entirely of fiberglass and nylon weighs around 3.1 kg.
The velcro belt system guaranties that the slide and the instrument body are safe protected by the hard shell (fiberglass or carbon fiber) in a way that they won't touch each other.
The new design is lighter and more compact than the original case for Tenor Trombone. It has a detachable system zipper to attached bag for sheet music and accessories.
MB cases models have a system that is adaptable for different types of tenor trombone. The EVA parts and cushions have velcro, so they can be adapted in order to fit most of instruments sizes properly.

The case includes:
  • 2 backpack straps
  • 1 mouthpiece pouch for three mouthpieces
  • 1 pouch for 2 leadpipes
  • 1 identification tag