The backpack fits one piston trumpet tuned in Bb, C, D, Eb, F with a length of maximum 50cm (or a piccolo or a cornet) and one flugelhorn with maximum bell diameter of 18cm.
Besides the instruments, there is also room inside for a mute and some pieces of clothes. Additional to that, there are two external front pockets providing more storage space.
It's possible to increase the size of the backpack by 5 cm using the expansion system.
The waist belt provides a more comfortable weight distribution across your body.
As shown in the pictures you can attach a light to a black strap at the front.
This case design is very beneficial for short trips.

The case includes:
  • connectable straps
  • 1 mouthpiece pouch for three mouthpieces
  • 1 waist belt
  • 1 identification tag

Possible Add-ons to buy: