Model developed for use as a studio, drowning out the sound of the instrument so that it does not damage the mouth allowing a more comfortable and productive study.
Thinking of productive study, a microphone is sent to GS Studio to study and at the same time hear more clearly what is being played (this requires a Karaoke style system - not included).
It's design to accommodate 1 piston or rotary trumpet and 1 stand music, has also front pocket for accessories.
The EVA parts and cushions have velcro, so they can be adapted in order to fit the instruments properly.

The case includes:
  • 1 mouthpiece pouch for three mouthpieces
  • 1 microphone
  • 1 music stand for GS Studio
  • 1 MDF sheet music stand
  • 2 screws without nut and washer (to put the support in GS Studio)
  • 2 screws with nut and washer (to put the sheet music stand)
  • 2 closing foams
  • foams to muffling
  • 1 identification tag