This model fits two piston or rotary trumpets tuned in Bb, C, D, Eb or F (or a piccolo or a cornet).
A hard partition coated with foam creates a storage space for travel items above the instruments.
In the front of the case is a zipper system which can expand the case by 5cm. Small accessories can be stored inside the small exterior pocket in the front.
The rolling case has a detachable zipper system to attach the telescopic handle to the backside, as shown in the pictures.
The case includes:
  • 2 backpack straps with loops
  • 1 shoulder strap with loops
  • 1 mouthpiece pouch for three mouthpiece
  • 2 foam bag for accessorys
  • 2 shoes bag
  • 1 telestopic handle
  • 1 identification tag